The Amateur Eye – Tarrasch Variation of the French Def.

This variation 4. Nd2 got my interest from Modern Chess Openings (MCO) and from chess play at the Rochester Chess Club for how it coincided with my Square Count theories. The game in question here is from the Portland Area League 2018; a time limit of (60/5) as the winner Avi Gupta notes: makes it conducive for aggressive plans. Ari’s opponent Kabir Rathore Muthu answers Gupta’s king pawn opening play, choosing the ancient French, replying with pawn to e6. The game appeared in CHESS LIFE.

l. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 Nf6 4. e5 Nfd7 5. Bd3

This sortie put pressure on the w/s diagonal b1/h7.

5. …. c5 a freeing move attacking the d4 square was a favorite plan of Jose R. Capablanca re counter-play against the white center which is a common theme in other openings as well. The advantage is to get counter-play against the central squares and obtaining a free type development.

6. c3 supporting the center d-pawn and making room for a bishop retreat (c2) if attacked.

6. …. Qb6 7. Ne2! White keeps f3 available for the d2 knight, eying f4 or g3 at the same time. Black’s Q move may not be best. Black’s minor pieces need relocation with a timely pawn push to gain more square count on the wing.

7. …. Nc6 8. Nf3 Be7 9. O-O f6

This center-counter action is played when White is better developed so a better idea could be Nf8. It also weakens the e6 square.

10. Nf4! f:e5 11. N:e6 Bf6 12. Nfg5 e4 Here Black misses the White shot 13.N:g7! in his calculation planning as 13. ….B:g7 14. Qh5+ Kd8 15. Ne6 axes it. Gupta’s planned idea is just as convincing. Sometimes it is smart to just follow a plan to it’s conclusion.

13. Re1 c:d4 14. c:d4 Nf8 15. Nf4 B:g5 16. N:d5 Qd8 17. Qh5+ g6 18. Q:g5 Q:g5 19. B:g5 Ne6 20. R:e4 Kf7 21. Be3 Bd7 22. Nc3 Rhe8 23. d5 Black resigns.

Ari Gupta had a dream come true by appearing on the 2019 Jeopardy Teen Tournament.

Chess Life noted that The Catlin Gabel Chess Club was founded in September 2015 by Mathus Leungpathomaram, Hansen Lian, Avi Gupta, and Seth Talyansky with the mission of raising the profile of chess in the Catlin Gabel and greater Portland area communities. / pg. 76 July 1919 Chess Life/

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