Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Don’t miss out on the good things in life.  Realize that time stops only when your heart no longer is beating the drum.  In a way it is like tossing out the spent Christmas Tree following the tranquility that comes from the beauty shown from the annual creation. 

In Pickles, we seen Opal addressing her husband Earl.  Is there anything worse or sadder than a Christmas Tree after Christmas?  It is like a Christmas guest going home after the festivities.  And you have to literally drag the guest out of the house after the party function is over.  We see Earl who is now scratching his head as he turns back to reading the newspaper, making this query on Opal’s comments:  Are you talking about your sister now or the Christmas Tree?  Such is the life of retired folks.

Beetle Bailey and his girlfriend are seen sitting back to back on the park bench under a quarter moon.  Beetle asks Bux,  “How do you see things in the future?” ” I’ll get a new job…a new car… a new wardrobe…Live in a nice Condo…  Beetle breaks in with a question, “Do I fit in somewhere in all that?” She responds, “Of course, dear….You can pay for the Condo!”

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