Joel Benjamin – Not just another chess book

Clear enough is the title: BETTER THINKING, BETTER CHESS and How a Grandmaster Finds His Moves.  For what should be a truly great work from one of America’s greatest champions, the book leaves a bit of skepticism from my view having a cover unworthy of such a fine product.

Finding a good pathway to achieve a planned operation requires more than simply finding strong moves.  It can boil down to seeing a conceptual plan finding one or more men on the battlefield experiencing a growing complexity as force exerts pressure over terrain and against opposing units and squares.

GM Benjamin, a three-time US Champion has endeavored to tackle this difficult topic for readers.  Understanding and seeing progress emerge from an earnest effort to recognize just how the author works his magic in giving life to the complex nature of this little explored concept, viewing such as alternative continuations in planning strategy, recognizing the complex nature of seeing forces sometimes emerging in conflicting ideas mapped out on the board, seen or misjudged attack and defense needs of weighing success or shortfall in visual unfolding before or within combat operations.

This treatise makes it ever so clear the value of the chess clock as a part of the intrigue and overview of the chess struggle. 

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