Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Good tidings brings to mind an important vocabulary term called “patience”.  It is so important that it reaches out into the vocal and written world in many literary handles.  It is ancient.  Four example, it speaks to us from such as the likes of Shakespeare’s Othello penned thus: “How poor are they that have no patience.  What wound heals other than by degrees–time in hours or days.  Patience is a cofactor.

In Blondie, Mr. Dithers is giving Dagwood an ultimatum: NO THANKSGIVING COUNTDOWN, CLOCKS  OR SIGNS! “I got it Boss.”  Dithers shakes his fist in the air. “You’re the office manager! It looks bad!!”  “Geeze! All right Boss! I won’t do any Turkey Day reminding.”  We see Dag now sitting at his desk when the intercom comes through with the message beep Hallelujah! Gear up, Dag! Only six days till Turkey! “Luck is with me, I have Aleka to do it for me!”

Nelson is looking at a photo of Grampa. He tells Grampa that he doesn’t have a mustache in that photo while he does in several others.  “You are very observant, Nelson. Let me tell you a little known fact about me.  In every picture ever taken of me, I either have a mustache or I do not have one when taken.”  That is the PICKLE of it this day.

A gigantic sword fight is taking place between the two war parties and Hagar seems in trouble.  He calls out to his lieutenant that he cannot fight on and calls for help.  I NEED HELP!!  Well, his lieutenant takes a backscratcher and rubs his commander’s back which seems to have been itching him badly.  As Hagar slays his adversary, he exclaims: AHHH! THANKS!! WHAT A TERRIBLE ITCH!

In Beetle Bailey, we find Sarge talking with his lieutenant explaining his new Beetle APP. It alerts me to whenever he goofs off.  Beetle we find sitting under a tree per usual and answers his buddy’s query of what he is tuned to.  “It is my Sarge’s APP.  It makes it look like I am working when, in fact,  I am goofing off.”

For Better or Worse, we find doc petting and finishing up grooming a pooch. “Here is your baby Mrs. Patterson.  All clean and prettied up!” And together with that is handed the bill for $60.  $Sixty bucks for brushing a DOG??!

The Family Circus sees our entering the picture with Sis calling her mother and asking if it is okay to give Jeffy a good talking, too?

And finally we come to ZIGGY who has been away on vacation from his office. Upon returning home and showing up for work, he finds a long note next to the closed and locked door having the sign OUT OF BUSINESS.  We find him reading the note that was left for him on his return. “Dear Ziggy, While you were away, we started an office lottery ticket pool and won $1.6 billion dollars. Everyone retired and the company was shut down and is no longer in business.  Hope you had a nice vacation!”

POLITICAL HIGH JINXS in the headlines of the D&C:  New York City Thanks his favorite feeding trough for sweeping count-wise returns.  New York City returned Governor Cuomo to the State House.  But looking at the state-wide returns, his adversary carried most of the rest of the State.  Regrettably New York doesn’t have winning  based upon majority of counties of which the Republicans carried.  Yep. No representation of the population  outside the BIG APPLE which axes all the competition being backed by big labor, and citizens being forever blocked from a meaningful election based upon territory and that means counties in New York State.  TOO BAD.  The system stinks! when society loses out with a diverse cross section of workers from farms to businesses that overshadow labor unions per se.



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