The Amateur Eye – The Work Ethic

Success is in the eye of the beholder.  There are different paths individuals and groups can follow that lead to fulfillment.  That word fulfillment speaks volumes about the nature of discovering and achieving success.  Such success is not based on results of monetary gains over a working ledger of personal or joint effort.  No, the value of success achieved in one’s life either over a short or long period is one achieving goals and satisfaction of accomplishments wherein your presence on the local, state. national or international stage leaves a picture and or written history of having lived it and part of it.

For example, students who enter the field of religion, studying and selecting one of the various denominations for a chosen life work, by my own research, is guided by giving one’s self to God and biblical guidance.  It is perhaps the greatest gift a child of God can aspire to as a life work.  It requires commitment, trust and love for living things and faith in the Lord’s promises that those who walk hand-in-hand with him will forever find his blessings and regardless the hardships or good times, your prayers will be the torch of guidance forever. That gift is passed and offered to all who cross his or her path in life.

Our America today is suffering as a Nation, as a people which blessings have enriched us as a nation of many nationalities and religious beliefs and offers to the public at large the blessings of God that equate that man and woman, children of the Holy Father, our Lord and Savior came to found a Land rich in resources, laborious fields of interests, and founded on principles of a strong work ethic and religious heritage.  It is a Republic and not a Democracy (the worst form of government) which the public often is confused by both from ignorance and a false reading of history centuries old.

Regardless what you believe, our founding fathers were men of learning and wisdom, of pride in the debate of ideas.  Our modern leaders today could not hold a candle to the wisdom of our settlers nor the integrity of truisms handed down to us with a document that guaranteed the righting of the ship of state through the passage of time.  Thus, the legal rights granted to slavery, exclusion of women’s rights–perhaps the two most vices of those and previous times was eventually put to rest through our legislative process.

“Ignorance is no excuse”… I have heard as have you presumably tossed about loosely.  It means that our education system has failed in civic discourse.  The early times of our Land was a text book on what was founded in one volume about our history.  It was a relatively brief sketch of our people and Land.  Absent was anything resembling hatred. That part of history showed ridicule of differences in talent, skin color, levels of education, religion—all things that brought to the surface wherever people congregated and where a natural type of hatred accumulated, ever increasing in intensity due to ignorant and clueless, poorly or well educated fostered wholly in part through class warfare and European family position in both public and political governance.  That was largely on a scale of city and towns but where close ties existed among the more rural areas largely populated by large estates and host of small farm communities.  In a word: FREEDOM assured the individual law abiding citizenry rights that continue to exist today.  This righting of the ship says God has the Satanic Devil’s earthly rule of sinners in check and Satan cannot escape his destruction nor exposure of his lies to right living.

Our people experimented with socialism or brand of communism in the 1600s in Amsterdam, NY.  Philosophy of this experiment was one of communal togetherness in all matters of life.  But what was discovered was that jealousies were worse than ever among the people of all ages.  And it resulted in a growing hatred and class distinction. The whole concept failed and was wiped from the pages of history.

Oddly we do not learn from history because history is tainted and subversively undermining our education system from grade to college.  There is false tenet being taught as truth.  Al Gore got rich on his theories of global warming which was debated on one of Mark Levin’s TV broadcasts that featured the errors in such Global computerized conclusions, more than a few falling far short of accuracy.  What is actual fact from fallacy touches all of us from science to engineered journalistic pandering.  Right now I am shivering less I heat the house to 80 degrees from the blowing cold mass sweeping our region.  Will I awake at the white-out??  Who knows.  I do not know what nature has in store for us this winter.  I only know that those pesky little furry visitors are black on both ends of our caterpillar larva-worm population and a true  winter predictor which I believe over any scientific review coming from a computer program guide.

Where else has science fallen short?  Well, it was predicted that our foliage was going to be dull this year.  Not so according to my travels around our local lakes. Yes, some foliage is greenish brown but there are plenty of hills and dales showing brilliant colors as I travel about scenic New York State.

I ask each of you to give thought to the rights and wrongs of our social experiments issued by government for both domestic and military affairs.  I pray for those guilty of attacking Justice Kavanaugh because they know not what they do.  It will not go good for them when they eventually meet their maker, presuming they believe in God at all.  Their combined hatred of this man and his family, the subsequent admittance of lies by his numerous accusers and political desire to destroy an honorable and decent addition to the Supreme Court for political expediency, not for truth but for evil maneuvering that injured both parents and children in this political hatchet job.  God…..have mercy on their souls–one and all.  I really fear for the first time our great Nation and if it can survive the hatred,  envy and socialists and communists long harbored within our government institutions as noted in the treatise: THE NAKED COMMUNIST, long ago removed from the shelves of our school libraries.






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