The Amateur Eye – Crooks in the Soup

If you feel in your political gut that you are misunderstood or suffer from inferiority or on the other end, just remember that the culprit is often in your own mind—having no basis whatever except a vivid imagination.  Too many follow the media journalists who you must remember need to fill material for a deadline.  In most cases the agenda of these folks are dictated by the news outlets.  You want to keep your job don’t you?  And just as likely the brain of these journalists and reporters live in fear for any number of reasons.

I daily read my newspaper and find corruption at every level of government.  Where  does it come from?  One week exposed are Democrats, the next are Republicans who are caught with their fat salaries ever increased through fraud. The really true honest ones are often given little for truth and honestly. You look back and see their platform which they ran on and just somehow crooked fingers get in the honey jar of greedy desires thinking they are beyond reproach.

Human greed corrupts every segment of the political platforms often seen as is the old mafia or black hand emergence over time to be seen as a government of the dark side. It took the courts to authorize guns to FBI agents which waged war on organized crime that found corruption as a means to wealth for scumbags.  It never ends.  Drugs, prostitution—  human bondage of slavery.

My grandfather always said in elections of politicians to beware what you ask for because what you get will likely not be what you voted for.  We can only ask our Lord to guide us in thought and deed for people with backbone strong enough to weather the storms leaders face.  In America we need to pray for our leaders, and especially the President.  We have one President, cabinet and Congress duly elected by the people for either a two or four year term.  Sometimes I think this encourages criminal or at the least bad behavior where temptation of the all mighty dollar or power grab seems to bring out the worst corruption in government not pleasing to the American people.



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