Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Mostly I find myself often bewildered with the PRESS.  There was a  time when what you read in editorials was believable because it was either logical opinions or fact based truisms of and on current events.

Blondie is feeling just a little bit jealous when she reads numerous facebook and twitter messages addressing  husband Dagwood Bumstead.  In bed, she confronts Dag with: “Why does Babs Flirtwelder like all of your facebook posts?”  “Oh, I dunno, Honey….Just being nice, I guess.” He leans over and kisses Blondie. continuing….But if it makes you feel better, I’ll message her not to like my posts so much.”  “Oh, don’t be silly. Besides, I already messaged her.”

Apparently Earl discovered the ideal way to handle unwanted phone calls. When the phone rings, he picks up and says:”Sheriff’s Department, Fraud Division, who’s calling?” That normally finds a sudden ‘click’ on the other end. He tells his wife Opal that it was probably another telemarketer.



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