Don’s Coffee & Tea Break-Positive Vibes

Well, that is what I hope for in all of life.

Remembering Senator John McCain is a sad story to report.  He was loved by the general public,  suffered a hate and love relationship with political parties of all stripes.  Basically he was a leader of values he possessed–some good, some bad.

In politics a fine line is drawn between this love and hate value system often dependent upon the time clock of life.  In chess we can understand the short duration of feelings that should always dominate the political scene that unfortunately lingers because of human tongues that love to create vigorous opposition boarding in sheer hatred from campaigns.  This was true of McCain as well as all candidates who seek the Presidency of the United States.  It has been true of every political adventure conquering the top post as President coming from all spectrum of the political structures.

Like all the losers hoped for the best as ranks all closed to support and hope for the success of the victor.  It is the old adage–“to the victor goes the spoils.” Differences might linger in party ranks but not until Donald J. Trump did the ex-president openly try to undermine the sitting President with his secreted approval by his army of political hacks.  The fallacy of our wonderful republic and democratic language was filled with the highly active rhetoric of the modern socialist movement that has weeded its way in an open attempt to destroy our whole political system by undermining the core principles that made American life exciting through the joys of worthy debate now seen as totally stripped of meaning.  Those calling for debate as voiced years past are being assaulted all across academia by left-wing ideologs and including professorships.  It is the old Communist Party cry to drown out all debate and reasoning.

What has this to do with honoring Senator John McCain?  You must remember that he was the candidate who ran against Obama and lost the election. You should also remember the vicious attacks against him during the unsuccessful campaign–now seen in the Halls of Government as totally being hypocritical. When does the forked tongue as seen from some great American Indian Tribal leaders come at an appropriate time to make the funeral less meaningful.  It points to the old Biblical truth that the wagging tongue has no equal in spreading hatred among the citizenry of all nations. I say honor the man but be truthful; bow your ugly heads in shame for use of wagging tongues spreading hatreds across the board.

I want to honor a man who possessed the American spirit on the one hand of staunch duty given his country but did a disservice without holding his party’s philosophy and ideals with full effort to improve the status quo.  He registered his personal beliefs ahead of working to better programs seen as failures in the implementation of the very difficult assignment to better the American Health Care System.  He undermined the work of dedicated men and women who won elections and had worked diligently to bring about a more workable product.  In this, I believe he failed in his duty to fully explain his standing and short of that refused for personal reasons for dislike of President Trump to bring by his vote to ruin the hard work of his Party by being hailed for his benefactor stand in support of the crossover Democrat Party supported stonewalling tactics.  It is a sad commentary on the struggles this leader had in justifying his rhetoric overall on this important debate topic that really cemented his maverick status putting personal cheap enough aims by using this guise of leadership that fell far short of his often times leadership standing.

In any case, I hope he has eternal peace and continued love and memory of this warrior by all of his historic past family, friends and all he came to know in the Halls of Government.  God Bless Him on a meaningful life and service to his beloved country.

Well, I shall close with a few memorable cartoons from today  Enjoy.

Beetle Bailey’s girl is General Halftrack’s secretary.  “How did Lt. Fuzz’s plan go, Sir?”  “Something went very wrong.” “What happened?” “His stupid plan worked!?”

Dilbert is given a report on Time Management to read by the computer.  Dilbert says, fine but the notes that the pages given him are all blank.  The computer acknowledged this but told Dilbert all the time it saved having to read and study it.

Nelson tells their dog that sometimes things fall out of Grampa Earl’s pockets while he sits in his favorite arm chair. Even money sometimes. Lets look. I found something round.  Maybe it is money.  Shucks! Just a fuzzy green lifesaver?!



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