The Amateur Eye – Liberalism Anyone?

Tonight I saw a star program of Mark R. Levin once more featuring the morass of liberal thought.  The definition of morass in my dictionary  ” A marsh swamp or more clearly defined as something that traps, confuses or impedes.”This describes the two guests who both threw light on the failings of education–specifically at the college and university level.”  What is wrong with education is it has been highjacked by the leftists in America as forewarned by conservatives coming out of the 1930s and 1940s largely attributable to Marxists and especially Soviet spies who weeded their influence and socialist thought at American education and industry and its effect seen in an ever growing evil mind controlling cloud.

Not to say Americans were not forewarned because the Soviets spoke clearly enough that America would be taken over without firing a shot.  We continue to sit in the dark.  The dangers are fast becoming reality.  The Democrats who largely possess the liberal idea that lean toward socialism has accelerated backed by philosophies that call for control of thought, striking at the foundation of reason, attacking conflicting viewpoint engrained in the halls higher academia so as to destroy the very essence we cherished called DEBATE.

While I holy agree with discussions seen on TV and as important as they are, the question is: WHO IS TUNED IN? And even so, what alarm even is in mental thought and understanding of the dangers possessed in national and international socialism or Marxism or communism.  Socialist ideology exists throughout the world order and dominates the UN even.  America, long a capitalistic nation is, thanks to the Democrats is ever weaving its ugly head tinkering with socialism as a mainstream politic.

Freedom as practiced in the United States is in danger of falling as Donald J. Trump calls the fake news.  The fake news I speak of here is socialism slowly corrupting the joys and happiness of freedoms we have coming from our Constitution and founders.  Sure we have problems but they are solvable by wisdom and quality leadership.  Under socialists, do you think or maybe even care about freedoms we cherish as a nation? Because dear friends it takes work to keep it.

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