The Amateur Eye -The Game of Chess

The Game of Chess authored by Dr. S. Tarrasch was a breakthrough for students learning to play chess.  Joel Benjamin, former US Champion, praised the book highly in an interview some years ago.  It was the second book I read following Capablanca’s Fundamentals of Chess.  Of course there have been hundreds if not thousands of books devoted to chess instruction and chess biographies appearing in many languages which makes it one of the widest read and studied games to tickle the mass audiences round the world.

In July 2007 I introduced my own theory on chess planning by stressing the value of fully understanding the chessboard–IN THE BEGINNING, followed by my own technique for not only playing but understanding its many mysteries in a chess for fun or combat by introducing my theory of planning from move one I called SQUARE COUNT.

The idea for my website was and is to provide the enjoyment of chess in the family unit. It was meant to give readers an easy approach to chess play and understanding of plans and general tactics without spending maybe hundreds of hours on chess study or dollars to chess coaches.  Now there is nothing wrong with that.  But at the same time, route of these students rests within the USCF tournament and ratings play which is an excellent incentive for students whose main interest fits within that regimen.  My focus was on the family aside from those exposed to organized participation.  And I have by showing my own game play win, lose or draw the features of my own theories centered around the chessboard itself regarding space, dynamic and passive plots to employ in most cases  viewed within the concept of square count. Where, how and when to place pieces for effect really has never been fully explained as my square count has tried to clarify to those who pick up a pawn for the first time as a theme of my planning from move one.

I am an amateur, thus my often used THE AMATEUR EYE reflects that image of my being in all things that give life to my existence and interest devoted to its pleasures. /Don.

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