Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Is something keeping you from a good night’s sleep?  If so, realize that there is no room for worry or doubt within your active mind.  Be willing to accept responsibility for your own baggage; don’t let it accumulate.  If your current thoughts seem cloudy, realize that sunshine and good weather always follow and that includes your personal dreams for happiness.

Earl and his neighbor are seated on the porch.  Earl is dominating the conversation and his neighbor is just taking it all in.  “It is nice to know there are people out there who care about you.  Take me for example. Folks always seem to want to know what’s going on in my life.  They see me coming and they immediately engage me and want to know how I’m doing.  Usually it mostly is the Walmart greeters and reason why I go there so often to shop.”

Garfield, the cat, is addressed by Jon who asks him if his elbows match when Jon holds  them up side to side. Garfield looks bewildered.  Jon knows cats can’t talk but meows in response.

On military maneuvers Beetle Bailey’s platoon and Sgt. Snorkel get separated.  His buddy suggests they are lost in the woods and rough terrain.  And as ornery as he is, his leadership is vital to our mission, addressing Beetle who responds that we can really get lost in this terrain and I can take a nap while he is burdened with locating us.  I will be making him really happy to show his true mettle in tough situations having lost part of his recruits in the bush.

Shoe examines his full length mirror image of himself as robes after his shower.  He laments that everything is sagging around his middle.  Thank goodness my eyesight is shot, too!  Seeing not is believing.


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