The Amateur Eye – Political Fruit

Politics I liken to fruit– specifically THE APPLE. I came to this following the debacle seen since President Trump shot off another cannon barrage in consulting with world leaders and specifically Vladimir Putin, head of all-Russia.  The world map shows Russia bordering with several European countries.  This causes concern for President Trump as a number of hot spots in the world happen to be in the vicinity of Russia’s borders. And make no mistake, the Russian leader has been on the outs with all of them which includes members of the NATO Alliance.

Once again the behavior of folks cannot grasp the thoughts of President Trump as the Donald walks with sharp clarity and meaning backed with action and resolve.  You see, no one has ever, given the power, done anything but shout at the mess left the USA by former President Barack Obama and as the Donald so vividly pointed out all leaders of the past contributed to the world mess the Donald inherited since becoming the elected President of the United States of America.  His accurate definition has hit the main street America like a shock wave.  They cry out: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK ILL OF THE POLITICAL ELITE and corrupt conditions seen coming from the SWAMP as he named the garbage coming from the smell of dirty politics.  Yes, I have concluded that is the real reason why the elite want to destroy President Trump and his agenda.  He exposed for the public what many have felt for decades and only now voice and print the hard cold truth totally ignored by a Press that has tainted their rhetoric and columns slanted toward progressive liberalism, frankly speaking, being next to communist thought and practice.

For people who fight every day, night and hour for the freedoms our Constitution, the stars and stripes of our national flag, our heritage as a people that reflects a Godly spirit and, is ever at war with evil ways, forecast troubles within our national borders not so disturbing since the early days of our Republic.  Under President Trump’s leadership that undercurrent seen in past decades is challenged.  That, dear friends, is the way I see it. God bless us all.  Let evil thoughts wither on the vines.




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