The Amateur Eye – Revolution????

Revolution can mean many things.  When I think of it now I relate to it in Fox News weekly newscast.  But revolution in my lifetime has seen the Russian White Army versus the Russian Red Army better known in its theology as Communism.  Upheavals one and all.  In more modern times Castro’s brand of communism left the country a mess and its people starving for a better life.  In a wordy description backed with photos showing the conditions existing in socialized States shows peoples wanting no personal responsibilities but insists the State take care of them.  The result reflects the breakdown of different brands labeled “Revolution.”

When I think of Russian communism, I think of the mass murder of millions but even more so the slaughter of the Czar, wife and their many beautiful young family members.

When I think of revolution, I think of change.  Anything that I relate to as change really goes back to “revolution” as a guiding force.

A wise man once said: Beware what you ask for because you just may get it.  And what you get may be like that of babies in Hell Fire due to that evil called abortion and the communist system under Stalin known in the USA as the Women’ Right to Choose Movement or Planned Parenthood and what I call the early indoctrination from freedom to indoctrination of a philosophy branded in the womb of communist belief coming from what is called today as “The Left” to cloud the evilness of communism in all its hideousness–look at China, at North Korea, at Russia and it is trying to infiltrate such evil beliefs in our Republic through the wonderful sounding term “liberalism” and a highjacked Democratic Party now dominated by The Left. It borders on “insanity”. Those in the Left movement are insane: proof is in the pudding as they say. They are incapable of debate where ideas are aired.




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