Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

My life is full of bugs right now, sad to say.  My bowling stinks; my lawn care provided gives me allergies; I hate seeing my Yankees lose games or leave runners on 2nd and 3rd, no outs and fail to score even one run.  Well, at least the 9-0 win tonight over the Orioles let the team have 50 per cent in the visit to Baltimore.  Stanton had four hits, Romine got two hits including a long homerun over the center field wall, young Wade conked a homer too. Bird who a radio newscaster said is a waste, hit a grand slam homer and made several brilliant defense plays which seems to blot out his blunder in losing the night before.  On coming home from medical and bowling, I got a joy in seeing my nephews diligently improving my yard!   Hey, I guess given everything, I AM TRULY BLESSED and my s/son reminds me of those blessings that I do give thanks for in my prayers.  Life is great, even when things seem dismal.

This day’s panels sorely point out the universal truth that coffee break time is your time and mine!   Take Ziggy for example.  Here we see him sitting in his arm chair watching the tube which is signing off with: “Good night, and thanks for allowing us into your living room! … By the way, those curtains look hideously ugly!

And in Beetle Bailey, he and his girl, you know who is the general’s secretary, are enjoying the moon as they sit on a park bench.  She coos “What do you think you’d like to do tonight?”  She gets no answer, only a soldier who suddenly gives out a ZZZ.  “I had to ask?!”  What a date tonight is her thoughtful rebuke.

Dagwood in his easy chair asks Blondie  how long before dinner? She responds with “Not long, dear.  Try a glass of water to calm that hunger feeling.  I read that cold water will kill an appetite for a while.”  Dagwood responds quickly with, “Absolutely not!  My appetite would never forgive me if I killed it.”

Hagar’s wife tells Hagar that his ship is in port.  “You told me that my life would change when your ship came in.  And you failed to say that it would be a garbage scow.”



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