The Amateur Eye – Murder, A Joke?

The Book of Life being our Christian Holy Bible is praised and equally hated by two sets of believers–atheists and Christians who find either a book  to hate and despise or the Bible that follows the history of the world, a God who gave the world his only begotten Son, Jesus–a historic record of his being and life travels in the ancient world.

Is there any wonder that atheism tries to block out the truth; it fears the Bible because that text creates for the world the whole idea of Sin and the demise of those who so practice it.  The Bible history gives proof that we all sin but that Jesus came to bring the state of forgiveness and path to follow toward a new life.  It brought together the old and the new in spiritual bliss that emerged through the CROSS–the death of Jesus’ end time struggle to overcome evil in the World.  One word: Repentance and change in behavior.

Jesus came to affirm that the ancients foretold, that there was but one true God.  And was there any proof that God gave his only begotten Son to a world full of evil ways?  The path of Jesus’ Life, his ministry, his words were duly recorded by the Prophets and kept in the Holy Book passed down to all mankind–The Holy Bible.  The tragic fate of the early Christian Church and believers largely at the hands of the Romans have evolved into the devil worship of like practitioners seen across the World where today Christians have met a similar fate from unbelievers.

The truth?  It comes from Faith and Love of our Lord and prayerful effort to understand and obey our Father in Heaven.  The track record is there.  The only question is: Do you believe in Jesus, the historic records proven in the text of religious study and our present search for the Twelve Apostles?  For certainly, their own travels and work across the known world of that time give evidence of God at work in the World as He continues to this day and the final chapter book is fulfilled.

Evil exists.  It has always existed because of human failure to seek truth and justice.  Oh, it exists.  Our books and languages confirm it.  Murder in the hearts of humans and mammals cover centuries on bookshelves.  Love of violence and such careless acts that corrupt our modern society is old news.  Godless hate coming from the minds of people is just a carry-on of history.  The world cannot hide in ignorance because modern technology has brought the truth of the Bible and modern day Prophet types to many Lands so the idea that sinners can voice ignorance is slowly being dissolved as an excuse. The words of the Prophets and warnings are today being fulfilled as what was impossible is evolving on the world stage even as I write this.

The D & C newspaper, Monday, July 9th 2018 reports on the murder of police officer Nicholas Clark who had stopped a car and as officers do, return to his car to fill out a report, the driver came up behind him and shot him in the head twice.  Senseless murders exist because all murder is senseless.  Our modern liberalized policies have blamed the culture of the conservative structure in society.  These are terms of beliefs and one can only look to the evidence of history where fault lies and differences coming from these philosophies point.  What is the character of such political debate and where does it point?  That is the question we all have to ponder.  Is it just the act of human behavior to show and express violence?  I pray not but the truth is often shoved under the rug that continues to hide such compulsions in human character.



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