Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Politics aside, I am looking forward to President Trump’s address to the Nation naming his choice among four considered to take the seat of Justice of the Supreme Court.  And the news came in the back of the newspaper A section and lo and behold if the reporter did not try to defame his 9PM Monday night newscast.  Sure enough, the media couldn’t just report the fact without labeling Trump as that “Reality Star revels in using the Presidency to put all eyes on him”.  Yep, hand it to the media to cast a dark cloud over such an important news cast.  The fact is that 9pm just happens to be prime time–jerk! Naturally the President wants to attract the widest possible audience for their enjoyment of history being made.  Yep!  These jackass reporters really know how to report the news on such historic and rare events like naming a historic choice among any of the four he praised.  But shame on the Editorial Staff who published it in that context.  Jackasses one and all on stupidity and just why Donald J. Trump was elected by American citizens.

Four Better or Worse is a good put down for the above, friends!! The four panels show the family discussing family.  “Was I a good baby, Mom?” “Of course. You slept well; ate well; nor fussed much.  With you everything seemed so easy.”  “Why?” And to this, her other said, “Because they had me first to practice on!”

Shoe finds a TV broadcast noting a new study has identified a leading cause of profanity–Golf!

The Family Circus sees the family visiting Philadelphia’s landmark THE LIBERTY BELL.  Know what cracked it?  One of the kids said it was rung too hard when the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.   No, it was cracked when the bell bellowed out the ringing sound of FREEDOM and as a reminder that Freedom is never just free without an ever watchful eye.

Garfield gives us a lecture.  What’s wrong with the world you ask?  I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the world.  It doesn’t do enough for me.  That is the liberal point of view.

Pickles found Opal and her lady friend having a coke at the restaurant. “Silvia (that is her daughter) and I were talking at lunch yesterday.”  Her friend said “Yeah?” “She told me that when she was little she and a friend used to cross a very  busy road to buy candy at a store.”  Really! I bet she’d have been in big trouble if you’d found that out back then.” “What back then? I don’t care if she is grown up or not, she’s grounded for life!”

Peanuts finds the “mutt” thinking that he gets his best ideas when laying outside in the sunshine.  It starts to rain which brings, “Somehow I never get an idea while lying in the downpour!





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