Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Dissatisfaction can warp your thoughts and must be recognized as a temporary  human experience.  Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches in life.  But surely consider this: When you offer and show kindness to others and that includes the animal world, the spirit of goodness enriches us all with the Father’s heavenly blessings.

Boy! Has it been hot!  And the high humidity has caused Liz’s hair to be a little frizzy.  Jon asks her what she does for it?  And of course, Garfield, the cat, purrs: Inquiring minds want to know.

Blondie always holds the door open for Dag as he gulps down a cup of coffee, picks up his brief and makes a dash for the door.  He stops to give Blondie a big hug and kiss saying that this is International Kissing Day.  It is a day that everybody but for three in the world finds joy in kissing.  Blondie manages to get a word in with “who”? Dag is halted by the blast of a horn as he responds, “My carpool!”

There is always Pickles in the daily happenings in Earl and Opal’s life. “I think something is wrong  with my brain, Opal.  I think I may have had a stroke.  It is like I have forgot how to read with understanding.  I am looking at these instructions that came in the package and can’t make sense out of it.”  With that Opal takes the instruction booklet and says,” That it is no wonder.  You are trying to read the part written in French!”

Somehow the Shoe is always on the other foot in the realm of the Judge who comments on his daily walk with his long time good and best friend.  “Did you ever wonder how the world could be created in just six days?” “Well, I would guess it was because no lawyers were involved.”

“Your a card, Pop!” as his son drove away from a week visit with aunt Millie. “You are far craftier than I ever imagined.  You made Millie’s day and joy drawing her picture as a young and beautiful girl.  No regrets about Millie, Pop?” “Nope.  Ruthie was the love of my Life. Never will be another woman like my Ruthie.  And besides, Millie always said “LIE-BERRY” instead of “LIBRARY” and it drove me buggy…Could have never lived with that!”  “Yep. You sure are a card, Pop!”

“What is Marmaduke doing sitting in the kids ‘Naughty Corner’?” says Dad coming in from his work at the office.  He notices his wife hurriedly using the phone to find 3 messages from the neighbors.  “I worry when I find the phone playing alert music and see messages on voicemail and our neighbors ringing us.”

We find Ziggy standing at the airline window and getting the message that his flight is being delayed. “We are sorry but the pilot had a car accident on the way to the airport.”

You probably heard it from kids of a new game called “Pickleball.”  It is the fastest growing sport in the country.  It boasts 2.8 million players already and is found in schools, rec centers, even jails.  Some of the benefits is it creates a sense of purpose and calm from the drudgeries of life.  It brings out the inner child in each of us says a prison detainee, especially those waiting a trial date going back some years.  Perhaps adding this to the benefits learned from playing chess will lessen time spent and make rehabilitation more successful.  I pray so.





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