The Amateur Eye – It’s Your Move

In the game of chess being a piggyback of life in the way of Kindred Spirit, every moment, every mood change, stirs the juices of personal action coming from our brains.  It behooves us to question, to reflect on the past, to stimulate questions and to concentrate on the possibilities if the right questions are asked.  As in chess, so to it be in life.  In general terms this reflection bodes true in both.  Yet, there is one difference.  The chessboard has 64 squares with two forces opposing each other.  There are rules we must obey else we do not have the tools of use on the action of the various units either separately or in unison emerging in a planned operation.  One might say this should also be true of life.  But is it? We often find life a real mess largely because of human interference by human conduct in exhibiting little of what chess rules placed in force upon us.

There are a variety of games using the 64 squares and pieces that evade those strict rules and conduct.  So, too, in life.  Take for example the Bobby Fischer era.  He among others achieved from youth to maturity at least in age the bounds placed on rules and force but with a variance of time controls.  If rules are altered in any way, the game of chess like the game of life can radically change because the rules, the positions of forces as in Fischer’s version, upsets the patterns without altering the rules.  In the context of my reasoning, life and chess can be modified due to tinkering with both with no other purpose then to create a version of chess called Fischer Random which was in reality nothing more than to allow Fischer to patent it as his own.

Don’t think I mind as I look at it all as change and that spices up life in so many ways.  The change in the patterns of piece placement alters the strategies to a complexity where there is no cut and dried beginning.  Certainly this has the blessings of those who are never quite normal in their character traits, always looking to find something new in an established and historic context called “Practice” and “Book”.  This whole concept of change makes life more interesting for this exploratory group.  But it adds a physical difference in my thought of change being only coming from an idea or move sequence in a plan.  What comes from this radical alteration of setup at the start of play boggles my mind.  Maybe I am getting too old to try new things.  But it must be remembered that old does not mean change cannot be a “fun thing” to try either in the amateur or professional.


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