The Amateur Eye – USCF Never Quits

We, the players of our sport which comes local, state, country and world travel the paths of many who embrace and enjoy the comradeship of a sport that the Olympic Committee continues to refuse to call chess a Sport.  This world has produced its own Olympiad so what care should we venture with in continually begging this OC to ever see the light?

Chess is a game, a sport, a competition of individuals and of teams.  A great deal of work goes into the art of chess play where the top are called Grandmasters followed by a series of classes created for the public, and unique in its practicality for the publishing houses as well as high tech institutions now that the computer age is upon us and reached maturity.

Chess has always been an experiment of sorts.  From the time of its concept as a sport, chess has expanded quietly to a place that demands respect as a sport as well as an art with scientific certainties.  This has not come about by accident but through the efforts of professionals in the arts and sciences with a lightning grasp of technologies ripe for its introduction in the sport world.  Technology has made it possible to offer not only 20-100 player events conducted manually but with computers we now see thousands playing in weekend or week long events and chess clubs growing in understanding the needs of their cities and towns.  School chess has greatly stimulated such expansion.  And USCF has built a close working relationship among schools, parents and hopefully into the film industry where chess has been long envisioned as a medium for high tech studies or story plots.

So the question is this:  Has the Olympic Committee robbed itself of ever cementing such a relationship in the sports world?   Have they any concept of who in Sport play chess as well as their individual and amateur participants?  A term was once coined: PIGHEADEDNESS.



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