Don’s Coffee & Tea Break

Now, I am not really a pack-rat, but all through the years I find it hard to let go of stuff once thought vital to my surroundings.  Have you ever felt that way?  Don’t let it bother you because you might fear that letting go of something will bring about change and remember that change is the only inevitable constant in Life.  Change is likened to a time clock.  Emotions can easily cause you to let go and see the impact of things magnified or minimized.  All are constant to change and can effect every aspect of the spirit.

Earl asks Opal why is she starring in the toilet?  Two days ago I flushed down a huge black spider and fear it might climb back out of the hole and bite me in revenge.  Hum. You are never going to sit on the toilet again, are you?!  NO WAY!!

You and I make a good team, Garfield.  And I am the coach.  Garfield thinks (you know a cat can’t talk) GOOD!  THEN YOU CAN BE FIRED!!!

Blondie and Dag are walking hand in hand down the sidewalk in a shopping area.  They pass by a beautiful young lady whom Blondie tells Dag that she was giving Dag the eye. Dag says he was not really paying attention.  Oh, please–Dear.  How could you not notice her!?? She looked a lot like Wonder Woman. Later in the day, Dag comes across his neighbor Herb and relates Blondie’s remark.  Do you mean the comic book Wonder Woman or the girl who portrays her in the movies?  The point is: SHE WAS GORGEOUS!! which shows Dag’s super ego!

Dilbert’s boss wonders if Dilbert had seen Alice and where she is.  Yes.  The CIA, Google, Facebook , Apple, Russian Hackers know where she is. But we have no way to find her? Depends.  Was she dumb enough to download our company APP?

The Chair of the investigation committee on the subject of a ban on tobacco, the institute swears in the another of many witnesses.  We have had a parade of industry spokespersons come thru this week to denounce our proposed ban on tobacco advertising and you, Sir, are the very embodiment of a health problem of vast, tragic dimensions!  The witness says he really tries his best, Senator to point out the fact that the government seems bent on not so much correcting the health problem but rather to milk the industry for all it can muster in taxes and fines.  We all know the result.  And now a new witness to a new health problem sits in the same seat, addressing a key Senator.  History has a way of repeating itself.  Except now, it is the desire to allow pot smoking that we see engulfing the inside of autos with smoke exiting half-open windows!  Senator, don’t you consider excessive smoke from this weed is hazard to health?? especially when it is a product of unsafe studies.  Will this be another throat cancer threat??  Can you guarantee, Senator, that it is harmless— all these fumes being added to the environment??!!

Peppermint Paddy ever worries.  At her desk, she worries about the announced field trip. I hate field trips.  I get sick on the bus. Why do we have to go on field trips?? Why can’t we just stay in school and mind our own business?  Why should we bother the outside world??

Yes.  Comics have a way of exposing much beyond the panels— a moment in time.


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