The Amateur Eye – Sins and the Cross

The Cross could be looked upon as the bond between Jesus bleeding spirit anguishing between earth and heaven in obedience of his Father in Heaven.  Jesus gave up his soul for the saving grace of sinners who repent with its promise for humanity and all living things.  It did more.  It was a curse of the Roman Empire whose very imprisonment and lying tongues of witnesses set forever the distaste of human dignity and righteousness of our spiritual souls.  It remains the link between believers in the Holy Father and Son and Holy Ghost found in our prayers and church services as a living memorial to love and faith.  It remains a symbol of Godly power and in Christ, ever a physical reminder of Jesus suffering to conquer sin and pave the way for eternal forgiveness to those who believe in Biblical history and teachings and come to Him as like little children in holy baptism.

It was recently noted that the Bible was the most worthless of books and literature. This is nothing new; it has long been the belief of atheists.  They live in darkness because if one truly examines literature, no book explains better or gives history of our living universe.  In the end time all things will become understood and known about the past, the present and the future.  Jesus said: I go to prepare a place for you in Heaven where there are many mansions.  He promises to come again and rule the world.  That is what the mighty angel in all his beauty fears most.  Satan’s fate is sealed; Jesus offers freedom of sin for those who are baptized, and who share a personal relationship with him through prayer, love, faith and most important the freedom to experience joy and happiness with the feeling that all creatures exhibit pleasures of unforeseen discovery and appreciation.  Sin will always exist in the spirit of man to venture out of control of self.  Jesus is the only answer to forgiveness for a lasting joyful happiness.

You may say how can I question the wonders bestowed to atheist philosophy?  They are the ones with total freedom to pursue their lust of life.  Today we see the results in a world gone mad, a people possessed of Satanic adventures in human indignities, of corrupt and immoral behaviors of dead spirits within heads once given blessings cheapened by wickedness and human bondage.  In that, there is no freedom of any worth.  Lies beget lies and truths are clouded by indifference and ignorance.

Personally I do care but can’t do anything to enrich your soul other than express myself in hopes that you will give it thought.  I believe in the Ten Commandments and the holiest of scriptures that adorn sites in our Nation’s Capitol.

As learning goes, I do believe that school books need to be more scrutinized for providing the values of American principles of free thought than of Marxist ideology and the undercurrents hidden in the language of texts.  The world of social reforms and open borders tolerate governmental policies that find undercurrents weakening our Nation and resolve for justice, and cherished freedom guaranteed by our Constitution.

Many decades ago the Communist Party via Russia and later the Soviet Union planted a network of spies within our government agencies.  Under useful  liberal Democratic Party ignorance the communists managed to introduce to American consumption such liberal programs as Planned Parenthood  (Sounds good doesn’t it!).  We have found now a Nation that gives little value to human life from birth to the graves of the murdered. We should have learned from history.

The liberalized Democrat Party is full of deceit and un-American activities like never before.  Everything from double-talking political hacks, many who have held office for three or four decades, who espouse the evils of the rich but are found to be beyond rich in both land and financial wealth have fought to undermine the very thing that makes our Nation really unique among nations because of our Constitutional structure.

Our country has been one of turmoil, founded in revolution, working to diminish and finally end slavery, educate and connect the dots that make for a nation of multi-race and cultural progress, erasing a long road to witnessing fulfillment of its principles set forth in the spirit of our Founding Fathers.

Our Land has brought freedoms, tolerance, and a bonding of people who are not limited by birth.   Their education, brains and work ethic whether it be self or in combination with team spirit to achieve things coming from inventive minds and abilities, where the benefit of capitalism has prevailed over the socialist-communist-Marxist ideology where the individual and masses are governed by it’s dogma — a form of slavery.  Such societies tend to offer little pleasure in life, finding a communal existence rather boring.





2 Responses to “The Amateur Eye – Sins and the Cross”

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