The Amateur Eye – We are Kindreds

Chess and Life are similar if you think about it.  Most common is the realization that both make demands for your time.  For example. beware of things that seem cool but with close examination turn out to not deliver the result expected.  That is true in the political field just as an example.  Sooner or later appearing to be cool find that the piper must be paid.  If you thinks material things are most important, just remember the baggage that weighs most is expense you may not want.  All trappings seen in life appear juicy up front.

A perfect example that the Garfield panels show is his girlfriend hugging a teddy bear that finds Garfield a bit jealous.  He thinks “Hey, do you prefer purring up to him than me?  She just thinks to avoid an argument that at this moment–YES.

Dag and Blondie are enjoying an evening together in the living room, Dag puts down a magazine he was reading and tells his wife that he regrets not ever training to be an astronaut.  Blondie who is knitting looks bewildered and says why would he want to do that.  “Well, I was just thinking that I was always impressed by their dedication and sense of exploration. Besides, soaring thru space would be about as far as I could possibly get from the J. C. Dithers Company.”

What happens on the tele about having the boss at senate hearings to question maul the chief exec finds the comics Adams in Dilbert featuring three panels to wit: I’m no engineer, so this might seen a dumb question.  But why can’t we 3-D print a block-chain and HTML it into a bitcoin??  My assistant Alice can answer that.  Alice stares in total bored resignation thinking are these people real?  I quit boss and leave that one up to you.

For better or worse, the school dance proved to be a step in the wrong direction.  His girl is talking with friends and he is munching cookies and pop thinking they just put on a call for a slow dance.  Totally in feared shock his fears come to the surface. She will expect me to dance.  I will windup stepping on her feet. What if I screw up? What if she thinks I am hopeless?  Well, get hold of yourself old boy and be bold.  Okay, I am ready. I will hold her in my arms and…what’s this, she has accepted a dance partner other than me!??  I guess if you hesitate, you lose or are saved?  Which is it?  Oh, my!

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