The Amateur Eye – It’s Nonsense

Are you going to buy Mr. Comey’s book?  No.  Nor do I want to waste my time viewing TV programs designed to promote it by offering up tidbits of chapter contents.  Now, I do not argue.  The simple point is this;  He should have left the stage and wrote his book a few years down the road.  It is never a wise decision to write when in a boiling pot of vindictive hatred or disgust leading to a portentous behavior unbecoming the author’s subject and demeanor.

SAD/Sad/sad that our news coming out of professional norms have resorted to hours of pillaging the very roots of our Democracy and Republic.  There seems a gleeful eye to shed light on the sins exhibiting evil even when the venomous disgust is highlighted purposely to discredit a target without truth or justification.  The question might be asked as to whether Jesus was right when discussing sin.  It truly appears in many forms and those who flaunt it to public obsession merit little favor especially giving it an airing of public chatter.   I perhaps speak for many in America and round the world by such  disgust seen in media coverage bent on fallacies rather than fact finding truths in reporting.  There appears to be viciousness in character behavior across the board.

Our literature in print today falls far short of righteous thought.


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