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Don’s Tea & Coffee Time Break

February 8, 2018

Ever sit down at your computer with full intention of writing something that makes your readers find pleasure by tuning in?  I rarely get what is called BRAIN BLOCK.  But I sure experienced it for a few days.  And I don’t like it.  It makes me wonder if I am losing it. You see, I always want to write something worth my readers’ time for enjoyment.  That is what I try to convey–otherwise, why bother tuning in or seeing my efforts having a purpose.  I find little flaws coming from typos but I appreciate the effort to write comments.  Sometimes I answer; sometimes I don’t.  I have a life you know, too!!

The little pest Elmo catches up with Dag and walk together.  Dag with his briefcase; Elmo with his school backpack.  Hey, Mr. B! Guess what!  My teacher said I should run for class president this year. Dag answers with Wow! I am impressed, Elmo.  She really said that, huh?  Well, not exactly, Mr. B.  But when I told her, she didn’t try to discourage me either.

One of my favorite couple are Opal and Earl who always manage a look see in their two or three frames. Imagine seeing Opal in the easy chair with a book on her lap as Earl enters.  You look tired, Opal. I am.  I didn’t get much sleep last night. Oh! What’s wrong?  I just tell myself to read one more page, another chapter, and it turns into: Oh, shoot! When did it get to be 6:00 am.?

Dilbert continues with his economic strategies.  The economics of the project have changed. We need to shut it down.  His boss says that if we shut it down, the 10 million we invested will be wasted.  And what happens when we stop later?  The secret is to never finish the project.

Beetle answers Sarg when asked why he was looking through the lens at CAMP SWAMPY backwards.  His answer is typical Beetle.  Yeah, it makes my troubles seem smaller.

The Family Circle is always good for the sis and little brother.  Here they are hanging up the February month’s calendar page.  She tells him: They made February a short month so Spring can come sooner!


The Amateur Eye – Eagles Win

February 5, 2018

Philadelphians can be very proud of their Eagles football team. It seemed to me that the press, sports news all seem to believe that the Patriots could not lose.  Even the commentators during the game attempted to give every questionable play in the Patriots favor–all except the TV fans who actually saw the plays with the excellent coverage and the decisions were right on.

Both teams played with great heart and either team could have been the victor but in football there is only one winner–the team who scores the most points.

As a break I tuned to 370 and caught the college gymnastic event.  Really super girls showing great competitive spirit and skill.  How do you judge competition like that?

Anyway  I got away from the chess board.  I also sat out writing humor.  I just needed a break so I fixed my self some brew and relaxed with a copy of The Civil War Times.