The Amateur Eye – Anyone Listening?

I am rather bored with all the fake news reported in my latest issue of the Democrat & Chronicle.  The first article on the front page has the reporter (if you can call him or her that) says that President Trump said the answer of school safety was to ARM TEACHERS to protect all the children in schools.  Now, really!  Did he say that?  I know he did not because I saw him when he gave his address on TV and on interviews.  Yet, all the fake news folks pounced on what he actually said apparently to add color to their world of dreams–being hate the s.o.b. and defame him at every turn.

Personally, how Americans pay these editorial buffoons a living wage for their tripe points to the poor education and character integrity shortfall coming possibly from never reading the Bible or observing the Ten Commandments of human truisms set out for people.  Well, maybe it is the lack of careful thought given their hasty put together commentary as well. Or perhaps it was an editorial change from the original to fit the cry of ever growing progressive elites who sell their souls for the charm of being popular in tune with the popular jargon of the day.  Guess I could have termed this whole with one word…SECULARISM and all it entails.

Many schools are run by a progressive and secularist movement that originated with the whole concept that science is the new religion and in total all life evolves around science. Now, that may well be true.  But there are elements that scientists have never been able to explain.  They laugh at the Bible, of man’s innate quest to explain forgetting that much of the Bible and OT was based on prophets explanations for explaining the visible and giving it an explanation as a parent might give to questions from children.  No.  The elite scholars of modern times who have developed through the centuries many truths that God set before mankind to discover over historical experiments of the natural order of things, namely a brain so intricate that time frame of human existence was required to unlock.  As the Lord said: In the end time, all things would be made whole and known–meaning that believers would through faith be prepared for the coming of Jesus’ return as promised.  This reality faced by the devil angel Satan and company will face judgment–long overdue.

Truth of the recorded Biblical Prophets is what scares the hell out of the loins of evildoers.  It was said that the World would come to know the existence of Jesus before his coming again.  The truth of this can be seen in the enormous expansion of reaching the Gospel round the world for the first time and that it would be given to all nations. This has occurred only in our lifetime.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


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