The Amateur Eye – America’s Black Eye

The old saying: Cry wolf too many times and people become complacent and ignore it.  When the lambs are protected by barriers, a wolf will linger but when a farmer comes out with his shotgun or rifle, the wolf gets the message and retreats into the forest or mountains.

Tales like that were commonly bedtime tales but carried a message that, to ignore danger or threats, was to face perils unforeseen.

During the roaring twenties and gangster shootings with machine guns eventually led to machine guns being outlawed.  But today’s modern weapons are even more deadly.  Do we need such automatic firepower?  We need such weapons to protect the population in case of enemy invasion or any attack on our Republic.  Nations that gave up their weapons were overrun by invaders. What is the lesson?  To provide citizen readiness and skill in such use of weapons designed for war and defense is one link that has always kept our nation free.

The left leaning educators seem to favor an anti-capitalist agenda.  Nothing wrong with socialism except for it’s history and politically persona grata among the elite who openly practice perversity. They forever attack the opposed view or character of opponents. It is almost always lashing out at truth, justice, and the American way.  Attack-attack-attack where the saying goes that if you smear enough, then lies become truths and meets their agenda.

Long winded discussion often bears the weakness of a proposal or debate. I think they call this run-ons.

Short quips to the public ala Trump gives the President a chance to talk turkey with the country.  He is right far more than viewing a message in a negative light as purports his critics.  They simply have never dealt with honesty and patriotism in quite the way
Trump sees it.

Do you now understand my own look at the Black Eye? God…I hope so.

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