What’s With TCM??

Channel 60 is my favorite movie channel but it left me numb when I tried to watch tonight’s TESS.  All I can say as an amateur regarding movies, I find the plot, the graphics, the lack of imaginative production to fall far short of what I personally like when tuning in.  Sure enough, both Britain and France had a hand in it’s play and production.

What ever happened to Audie Murphy films.  What ever happened to the old William Boyd movies featuring that famous cowboy Cassidy– “Hoppy” to fans.  Such movies have not been seen in years.  They were the Saturday morning theater goers favorites among the young at heart.  They taught the difference between good and bad that often was a giveaway who wore the white or black hats. Sure there were murders but everybody knew the hero was going to outshoot or have arrested the ‘bad guys’ in the end.  It brought instant joy to the audience.

As an amateur, I try to wonder what in heck is the modern movies post 1950s trying to tell the audiences.  Sure, there are some good comical movies, song and dance classics to be historically cherished.  But personally I see the modern talkies as being disheartening poor quality such as tonight’s TESS.  When I turn on a movie, I am not impressed with the directors trying to outdo themselves with all the automatic weapons blasting storefronts, cars, people.  Car chases seem to go out with the 70s variety.  Shock!! That seems to have replaced good acting and directing and just plain quality throughout. While there was little to no shock seen in the dull witted TESS, it died with dryness and just plain poor acting and photography.

I really don’t want to harp on this because I am not a movie critic. At least I don’t mean to be.  But come on folks! Lets release pictures on TCM that are for fans instead of trying to paste up some bucks for lousy films that bombed in theatres.


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