Don’s Comic Tea & Coffee Break

What you have is a place to have more people in your life.  A firm set of rules as seen on Facebook brings contentment to many. Mixed with all of this is the constant barrage that advertisers discovered to sell their wares.  Where does it stop? Never?  A solution might be to get outside, enjoy exercising by taking a walk or jogging.  That precludes any thought of buying things and facing the reality that you cannot control it all–But why would you want to??

When people steal great ideas of others, it is worth noting that great ideas are catching. Take for example, a baseball catcher.  After a career is over, those who come in contact with just what position is highlighted in his life, he can simply point to the cup formed over the years on his mitt hand–a visible pocket created by the fast ball.

Dag and his son are watching the start of the Olympics.  Dag comments that it looks like they are having trouble starting the flame.  Alexander is left alone as Dag goes outside on the porch.  Blondie comes in and asks Alexander where Dag is.  He is outside.  He had something on his mind about fire and flame.  We go outside to see what is what.  Dag is standing over the stove, cooking some fiddles to eat.

Opal is looking in her mirror and tells Earl that she is losing some of her hair.  It is getting thin, dear.  Sometimes I think it would be better just to have it all shaved off. She leans over the arm chair and pokes her hubby.  No comment?  Well, Earl who is reading the newspaper simply said wisely that he is a fan of the actor, Bruce Willis.

Helga asks Hagar if after all these years, she still makes his heart skip.  He responds that she sure does, especially when she pulls out the roast turkey from the oven. He says joyfully that yes, indeed, you still make my stomach RUMBLE!

Shoe goes to the dentist.  In the chair he asks the dentist if he is going to need gas.  Not for this procedure and visit.  But I need the gas so I can remember laughing when I get the bill.

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