The Amateur Eye – A Rocky Hard-place

Our politicians, whom we pay huge salaries and other perks to are screwing with our security needs–a real bona-fide warning passed to the Congress that priorities necessitate that we pay our bills, taking on great expenses of military programs vital to the security of our nation.  In a nutshell, the responsibility of the President, his cabinet, and both houses of Congress is first above all else the security of our people, institutions, and survival.

Yeah, we are in a hell of a pickle friends.  The last eight years of socialistic Democrat Party hacks continue to drain our financial resources to dangerously low levels.  Today, that same party wreaks havoc over our land with social programs while sticking their heads in the sand in a dangerous world that they themselves helped create.

I do not ever remember our nation having regular broadcasts telling the world that our forces are sadly depleted.  Truth is truth.  We cannot continue to run our national security on a shoestring, week-by-week basis.  When we experience accidents, deaths within our units, constant badgering of Christianity among our military posts and poor leadership among those given the responsibility of instilling honor and integrity of our fighting men and women, lets pray that our officials find backbone enough to do their duty and assure we do have the resources to restore and build on the purpose of our military and provide the funds needed.

Pelosi and Shumer talk about the needs of our young people.  Well, if our nation is ever attacked and we are not prepared to win conflicts, our children will be those who suffer most.

I remember the Korean Police Action and Vietnam War.  Some of our pilots who won fierce air skirmishes against well trained enemy pilots enabled American and allied forces to dominate the geography of battlefields and terrain.  Because of rash and stupid non-military minded nor experienced politicians who never fired a gun or marched in battle such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton using their so-called modern strategy of gamesmanship defanged our fighting forces with handicaps at every turn to show passivity to the enemy just might make them like us.  Well, they stuck knives in our backs all along the roadways causing thousands of disabilities if not deaths among our fighting men and women. These so-called patriotic Democrats who love socialism with like hatred of capitalism is a bitter pill to swallow for this guy.

I am pissed off having to view on TV the crap tossed out over the airways.  I am reminded of what a communist once said:  We shall use these demented folks until we gain total control and then we shall line them up against the wall, and shoot them. We shall have learned that they cannot be trusted to stay loyal communists.

I pray to God that our Lord might stir in the hearts of our leaders to exercise their voting power for justice and the American way to preserve freedom.

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