The Amateur Eye – A Merry-Go-Round

When will the Republicans and especially our President Trump ever learn not to trust any interaction with the opposition.  And that word OPPOSITION in this ultra-modern world simply means not to trust or to turn your back on snakes in the grass.  Our society has become so-far left-wing that any attempt to work harmoniously toward achieving meaningful progress is like having a glass with no substance to quench the thirst or playing poker and drawing aces and eights–the dead man’s hand.

Like the communists, the left-wing in America have not been able to figure out just how to handle our President Trump.  The Russians.  The fence-sitting Europeans.  It is why I called this “A Merry-Go-Round.”  There is movement but to no-where.  The political game of the world has not met anyone like President Trump.  He is Trump.  He makes no apologies; his actions sometimes may be crude in terms of the political class and his base of followers exist like revolutionaries who, for too long, found a news media ever left of American belief structure.

Thankfully we have come to find a real leader, a champion of justice, a man who quizzes so expertly that his short wordings spank the very soul of man, of institutions, of countries. Like Jesus in the Bible, he is hated throughout the world by some who cannot come to grips with reality.  They seem destined to grovel in the dust of history.



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