The Amateur Eye – Children’s Chess

Often times I have written on the value of chess as a learning tool in the work world.  It is an article in NIC’s CAFE which caught my eye.  Board to the Boardroom explains the turn about of Lord Price  who spent much of his life at the helm of Britain’s biggest companies, and until recently was a government minister representing the nation’s trade interests.  The secret to his many endeavors he revealed was to master chess at an early age.

His new life experience is turned now to writing where he illustrates his views about what chess skill teaches.  In business you need to understand your opponents’ point of view to see successful deals.  He believes that business success is aided by strategic thought.  One might also view Kasparov’s book Boardroom, another way to express the values of chess for the business world.

People who come on TV shows usually have a book in writing or is a new book for sale.  So, too, is the efforts of Lord Price who uses his own name as author MARK PRICE. He is so passionate about the importance of chess be taught at an early age.  (Notice the fruits of the Polgar family children taught by their father.)  As a result he has written a children’s fairy tale book called THE FOOLISH KING: The Secret History of Chess that sprang about while teaching his six year old daughter to play and stimulate her interest for the game.

In 2016 he has turned his fairy tale into an app and book for children which is due for publication next year.



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