The Amateur Eye – What is Truth

I believe in the Holy Spirit, Jesus, God the Father, and this designates my faith as Christian.  But I am not alone, nor are others who do not share the Scriptures from the Bible which has a number of translations.  Technology has broadened the base upon which TBN and others have brought to many parts of the world the word of God, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

One might educationally question of being agnostic in the belief and existence of a God as described in various religions but only one through Biblical teachings of the Christian Bible, does the Son of God appear as the root of Holy Scripture.  Jesus is the holy Father’s only begotten Son and through Baptism does the linkage with Jesus and God merge together.  This Christian belief is the basis upon which Holy Scripture is built in the world of Christianity.  It is viewed by those whose differing religious or atheist views as hard to accept.  The very nature of Christianity rests on this assumption that the Bible, the Prophets, the world created upon which all mankind has survived through centuries of love, war, hate, envy–all attributable to one word SIN.  Sin was the hallmark of the Angel Satan.  Satan was known from the beginning as the deceiver.  It is why parents teach their children to pray at bedtime to honor the Father, to be safe in the arms of Jesus.  In general, this is the structural nature of the Christian.  It is the bedrock upon which sin is repulsed despite the often times failings of Christians.

How can you visualize failure of Christian thought?  The message is in Bible history.  The Word is in the teaching of the Prophets and what Jesus taught us through his travels and messages during his ministry to the populations he visited.  He came forth to assure the people of God’s grace and heavenly home; that death and the fear of death did not kill the Holy Spirit given us in Baptism.

Goodness and evil exists. One is based upon faith, morale fiber and desire to appreciate others and try to practice at least some of the Ten Commandments during the day, week, month, and year.  It necessitates closeness and learning and togetherness in walks and talks with the Lord personally and with others who share prayerful bonds.

My words come from the heart; the joy of walking, even though stumbling now and then, seems to reinforce love–not hate.  There is too much hate in the world.  When I see myself or others who are bitter or judgmental, I find comfort in the old Indian saying:  Do not criticize or judge others until you walk some miles in their moccasins. The Devil –Satan is ever prodding with his pitchfork to snare the unwary using so called logic of educated thought.  Christianity is based almost wholly on Faith and coming to know Jesus as Savior.  As the Bible foretells—No one comes to the Father but through Jesus, the Son where the Holy Spirit lives within us through the Baptism.

I am not all that well educated.  But I have come to understand and believe that our very soul and body is to be kept and cherished as is a temple of God holy work of mankind.  “finis”–Your Kindred Spirit.


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