The Amateur Eye – A Tactical Reverse

In blitz play sharp positions may or may not occur.  Much depends on style  and willingness to strike out for complications.  Such adventurous ideas might come from a Sicilian where white initiates the Wing Gambit 1. e4  c5  2. b4 as was essayed some years ago.

Black in this example the opening goes into 1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nf6 looks for sharp play. Baadur Jobava  tackles Ivan Salgado from the Blitz at Tbilisi, 2017.  Many famous players have engaged this opening system from various competitions.  GM Jobava uses a pet system to remove many of the sharp tactic lines by choosing a favored personal system that attains a good positon for the middlegame without any noticeable weaknesses: 3. d3 Nc6  4. c3 d5 5. Qc2 (5. Nbd2 is the Hanham variation in the Philidor Opening.) So, in effect, White’s set up is playing a black  defense pattern with White but chooses 5. Qc2 as a slight improved idea.

5. … a5  6. a4  Bc5  7. Be2  O-O  8. O-O  h6 9. h3  Be6 10. Re1   d:e4  11. d:e4  Qe7 12. Na3 Rad8 13. Bb5  Nd7  14. Be3  B:e2  15. R:e3  f6  16. Bc4 B:c4  17. N:c4  Qe6  18. Na3  Ne7 19. Rd1 Nc5  20. b4  R:d1+  21. Q:d1  a:b4 22. c:b4  Na6  23. b5  Nc5 24. Qc2  b6 25. a5.  White is slightly better and went on to win the game.





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