The Amateur Eye – Halloween

October 31st is observed with festivities of all kinds given the imagination of communities where folks from young to old engage in joyful and scary costumes from store bought yard creations to homemade concoctions.  Pumpkins are the delight of most who leave carved pumpkins lit with candles and likely a nifty pumpkin pie as a dessert.  The streets find in good weather crowds of youngster touring the neighborhoods with “tricks or treats” which usually brings candies, apples; but occasionally some grandpa will offer some tricks to show the kids which happened when I was a child. He and his wife put on quite a show and it made them happy to have us visit.  It also caused some tricks by pranksters who soaped windows, knock on the window and then ran and hide.  The neighborhood outhouse years ago was a nastier prank pulling it out on the street and setting fire to it.  Woe to those who got caught.  But then again, they wound up having their windows cleaned by the spooky culprits.  So everybody took it as just a fun time for all concerned.  There might be dances, partying, kick the can and hide games–just a good time to be had!  I always figured that once a years is enough!!

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