The Amateur Eye – Goodbye Joe/Joy

The Yankees have always been my favorite American League team. And I have to say: Thanks Joe Girardi for stepping so well in the shoes of retiring Joe Torre so many years ago.  It has been a great run of success and a little disappointment for teams during your reign. For those who knock you for calls you made in this last playoff series is something that was in-Yankee like.  The world of sports viewers and fans who criticize have no sense what a great job you did as manager.  You came to this year with a bunch of young guys who show great potential and lived up to their potential most of the time, exceeding in areas that needed greatness as only a Yankee team can muster.  If there was a weakness it was in running the bases and coaching that led to key put outs at home plate in very key situations.  It also was knocking the first baseman early before Bird came back.  Who was responsible? Carter was a good defenseman and had some key hits during a difficult period, even responsible for winning RBIs.  Maybe it is the character or lack thereof of the New York City fans.  These kids (I should say gifts to Yankee development) spearheaded for all their green base running errors gave all the fans around the country days and evenings of sheer entertainment regardless the result of individual games.  Part of their success has to be given to Joe Girardi who someday you may regret losing to a competitor.  There are not that many really great managers ever seen throughout the years.  I rest my cash case for 2018. -Don/The Kindredspirit.

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  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Comments dear readers are most welcome who love the Yankee spirit.

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