Don’s Coffee and Tea Break

Having faith does heal and results are seen whenever the Bible is opened and studied.  A forward looking spirit attests to this observation.  No one ever is immune to painful suffering or joyful uplift of the spirit.  Being good in daily living can be harder than being bad.  Being bad is akin to sin.  Sin is never good except when it throws light upon sinful darkness.

As often the case, Dagwood can have a contrarian role when Cookie, his daughter, practices for her driving test.  Daddy, pretty soon everyone will have a self-driving car!  So, do I really need lessons?  No! As long as your self-driving car can cruise over, take your written test, and pass with flying colors.  Arriving home, Blondie asks how was the lesson?  Okay. I guess Daddy was just being unreasonable again.

Opal, leans over Earl’s shoulder as he studies the newspaper. Guess what Nelson said? What did he say?  Maybe I shouldn’t tell you cause he said not to tell you.  He told me in confidence.  Oh, just tell me, darn it!  He said you smell like an elephant from eating too many peanuts, but he did not want me to tell you.  Earl goes on, just tell me! Well, I guess that just makes you the elephant in the room.

The Wizard opens the mailbox and it brings this comment: This is it!  After 28 years, I’m finally almost paid off.  Student loans??  Nope.  Bar tab from New Years of 1989.

What do you believe in, Charlie Brown?  asks Peppermint Paddy.  This is what I believe. I believe that the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch on Halloween night and flies through the air, bringing toys to all the children in the world.  That is what I think.  What do you think about it?  I think you have very nice eyes, and you are completely out of your mind!

Affirmative Action winner is announced and she rises to give her speech. What a thrill it is to be here among so many female supporters.  When I tell people about–ah, hum, ah, you know what we shared in the company development of this magnificent art work structure, makes me proud to be associated with–ah, hum, ah this project. I’m doin my bit part to ah, prevent ah, you know, ah, all this bad stuff.  From the audience, whispers a fellow student–Well, affirmative action!! reeks again.  What ‘ thing-a- ma-bob’ are we here for??


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