The Amateur Eye – Sunrise & Sunset

Sunrise & Sunset:  That is Nature.  So when I view the local, national and international scene, I find it sometimes a close reference to Earthly nature.  In this way, too, do I draw on my political vision with or without sunglasses.

What in hell do I mean, you ask?  President Trump is daily in the news whether it be over the airways, published newspaper or magazine wherever the critics lambast or praise to high heaven either perspective of the man; all political parties seem to possess a love-hate relationship which might be likened to dueling or a chess game. In either, the endgame result may or may not be predictable but in good or bad taste, it comes out being a hatchet-job of sorts on the whole Trump clan, RNC or DNC, not to mention various offshoots by other supporting political action groups.

Why do I attribute thoughts on all this to Nature?  That is the Beast of Anger and Hate.  It raises it’s ugly head every four years.  Still, it is also Nature’s way of giving joy, beauty, and host of fun times before the winter sets in.  I prefer to love Autumn for it’s forestry of leaf colors where the traveler away or at home can find contentment and peace.  Find things beautiful and the spirit is uplifted.

I was born in the United States of America.  I love my country. I love it because the literature passed down from the earliest times show it not founded on instant perfection. There are those who despise America from within and from out.  But I cling to the realization that God is Holy and Just; that our Founding Fathers had bestowed through such Faith in creating this Land which suffered many trials at home and abroad but always with the hope and trust that each generation following would uphold the spirit to strive and maintain it’s greatness in charity of the less fortunate, of curing ills and using our educational abundance to betterment of society.

There is a sad need to respect and pray for our leaders.  I pray to give them strength and guidance in carrying on the tasks they have undertaken to preserve our National interests.  Country and politics do not normally coincide to goal setting and achievement. But the USA comes first always ahead of personal ambitions.

Bashing our Presidents past and present gives a hollow ring.  It is one of the historical plays on our life stage to render ridicule and praise, sometimes at the same time.  Our beliefs have withered on the vine.  How long will the grapes retain their exquisite scent and flavored wines should we fail to cultivate and harvest the best always coming from out of our vineyards.  This is our heritage; let us not weaken it.


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