The Amateur Eye – Faith & Knowledge

Recent books I have purchased are highly recommended if you wish to expand your brain power with faith that the chapters make up books that enrich understanding backed with knowledge written by wisely done research and or personal trust which our Lord has given all who praise and give him the honor in the Christian world.  The authors of whom spent much time in constructing deep and penetrating subject matter have given deep insight into the workings of government and the Donald J. Trump persona, his personal thought process, being not a professional politically skilled leader but rather a learning process with a rich command as a businessman and savvy, when combined, makes for a very strong guiding hand in all political affairs of State.

Trump War authored by Dr. Michael Savage and Understanding Trump by Newt Gingrich afford readers with a rich and fulfilling joy that the Presidential election and support by millions of American citizens was no fluke as assorted news outlets and media worked overtime to cover their asses for blunders made in understanding the mentality of the public-at-large.  The message was simple: Weariness of the lies and deceptions of a liberal philosophy that was high jacked by the Democratic liberal establishment and Washington, DC insiders exposing the political hacks within both national parties.

My readers know me to tell it the way I see it or recommend books that point to fact and truth.  Politically and spiritually, I have read the great books of history, the rich heritage that all students should endeavor to scratch the surface.  So I won’t rehash either book as a book report here.  Read it.  Study it.  You should not take my word for it but only that  you will miss the boat, and will be availing yourselves of a wisdom that aids you in turning aside crackpot ideologies of socialist and communist theory long on words and short on fact and benefit results for cities, states, and nations–a historical FACT.  Each does more.  The individual is mooted in favor of collectivism that hinders, if not destroying individual initiative.  It leads to collective dependency which the D&C has for too long embraced and the American people turned aside.  That is the truth of it!!

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