The Amateur Eye – Trump Exposes Shysters at Every Level of Government

The President tweets giving the Democrats and Rinos a chance to criticize him daily. But is that bad?  The good news is that it gives him a chance to reach the public and often it exposes the trash in the Barrel. Clean the swamp is not in the interest of professional politicians which many have become because there is not a statue of limitation on the Congress.  Don’t get me wrong.  Experience is really necessary to run the government. That should be left up to voters.  If a guy or gal is doing a great job, they, the People (Voters), can thank their lucky stars because not too many find honor among the tribes where lobbyists smell up the pig turf. It really stinks! But rot exists because voters really don’t practice themselves good character traits.  Just listen to the junk on TV with these call-in shows.  Ever notice these public stations favor liberalized policies that point to decay of our landscape across America but voice the opposite?

I received a letter asking me to Pray for our President Trump.  I pray everyday for understanding and our Lord’s guidance in daily life.  Our President has a tough job and is bombarded by the likes of channel 48, MSNBC among others in the news media business. Some truth. Some lies. But shame on all who bring unwashed hands before eating to the table.  That gags me.  That is filth.  That is what I see in the news everyday. But I refrain from following all the trash.

Your brain is like a computer; it has a memory.  And that memory is a lever by which our Lord has given us power to think and reason– to know the difference between good and evil.





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