The Amateur Eye – Predators

Democrat & Chronicle caught my eye with the Gilliabrand/Weinstein column.  Never thought I’d see D&C publish anything favorable aimed at truth. Well.  I was wrong. The New York Democrat could not compose an article without bashing a Republican.  She attacked the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ recent decision to scrap Obama-era rules for addressing sexual misconduct on campuses and in the military.  Then she said she gave back $11000+ of her donation from Harvey Weinstein.  Gosh.  She never mentioned the fact that good ole Harvey is a prime gift giver to Democrats where his so called Dem support shielded him from exposure for years.  What about previous donations to you, Kirsten?? And what about all those donations given just this year from Harvey, the smiling friend of the whole Democrat Party–Bless your soul!

Unfortunately the reporters did not go into details about the recommendations of ES Betsy DeVos which has little to no backing from the Teachers Union nor the bureaucratic lifers representing the Department of Education.  Her ideas, as many of us believe, are meant to strengthen and improve our education policies in America was, like always, given short shrift by the media dogs whose buried news found voice but again with a total slant on the subject.  It was addressed by our NY senator without giving DeVos’ arguments for her recommended actions.

Well, as an American citizen and of Christian faith, I have a remedy that Kirstin will not really like.  Study your Bible baby and find it’s beauty in it’s messages that cover much that would make The Ten Commandments a principle guide for a quality life experience. That guidance alone if practiced would stab the Devil Satan in the behind with that pitchfork and reduce the sins of the world order. Unfortunately, many politicians do not think so highly of Godly laws and advice.



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