The Amateur Eye – Words Abused

Words, phrases, sentences, and published writings can and often do reflect the passing of a moment in time.  What is witnessing for many today is the thought and fouling of our thought processes and abuse of literature and command of the English language.  I make mistakes…typos, weariness of my penned prose.  I have no control over this except to shut down my site in restful peace.  You see, I do not know what is coming out of my brain to my fingers that torment my keys like a mist in the passage of time.

How can just one tiny word find abuse?  Take the word GAY.  The time clock goes “tick-tock } tick-tock where the passage of time simply erases purposeful usage in the English language.  What was once found in films or plays having a meaning for gaiety expressing to audiences the physical and mental thoughts of actors having no political reference of any kind other than to say, “I feel joy of the moment.”  The word has been high-jacked by liberal thought of yielding to the whims of a particular group virtually wiping out any other purposeful definition.

I use my essay to merely point out just how language has been subverted in some cases to erase the definition or meaning of our language with apparent blessing of or not of historical perspective of meanings.  Where does this lead? And what good or evil emerges from public tolerance of the very term: “definition”? Will it lead to government or any other body politic blacking out freedom of speech and most importantly the very truth of language.  I hope not!


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