The Amateur Eye – Part 2 1 .e4

Previously we took a look at 1. d4; now we tackle current dreams coming out of GM Vishy Anand who tackled Peter Svidler’s  Sicilian Defense in a rather unusual plan.

l. e4  c5  2. Nf3  e6  3. d4  c:d4  4. N:d4  Nc6  5. Nc3 d6  6. Be3  Nf6  7. Qe2  After a short think on 7. f4 I decided to try this offbeat line.

7. …a6  8. O-O-O  Qc7  9. g4  b5  10. g5  Nd7 11. h4  Bb7  12. a3  Rc8  13. Bh3  Are you thinking sq./ct. here? b4   If, 13.. Nce5 14. N:e6  f:e6 15. B:e6 makes defense very problematic.

14. a:b4  N:b4  15. N:e6!? The computer gives 15.Kb1 as advantage to White. 15… f:e6  16. B:e6  Qa5  17. Kb1 R:c3!? Best is  17…d5 which the computer says should draw.

15. …f6 16. B:e6 Qa5  17. Kb1  R:c3  18. b:c3  Nc6  19. Rh3  Be7  20. Bd4? Nc5  21. B:c5  Q:c5  22. f4  Kd8  23. Qe3 Q:e3 24. R:e3  h6?! (Kc7! holds!) 25. c4  h:g5 26. h:g5 Rf8?! With ..26… Bc8! Black is okay

27. f5!  Ne5 (missing again 27…Bf8!! which should draw).

28. Rg1 d5?  (Bf8!) 29. Rb3!  Kc7 30. c:d5  Rh8  31. f6  Bf8 32. d6+ Black resigns.

This game demonstrates time pressure of the clock and sharpness of computer technology.

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