The Amateur Eye – What Defines Leadership

Donald J. Trump is first of all a quality father and husband who works hard and more, he achieves success because he sets his sights high for accomplishing his goal which is to make Americans once more achieving as citizens and green card holders a sense of value and freedom to achieve their dreams for a better and honorable U.S.A. It is a far cry from the past eight years of blaming America for a good many of the world’s problems. But it was more!  It was the undercurrent of altering the United States from a true republic to one of democratically organized liberal socialism; the American voters rejected this sell out, set forth from the progressive movement and branch of communist dictatorship recognized as the former Soviet Union of Socialist Republics (USSR), a pre-world war international struggle to control whole populations within the block of countries.

The citizens who voted for Donald J. Trump did so (as I did) to save our national heritage from being undermined by the radical left in America.  We voted for change and to remedy the continuous patter seen coming from the liberal news media.  They, like the democrat party seen as 100 per cent socialist, and which I labeled long ago with clarity where few, if any, are brave enough to acknowledge as a danger to our way of life.  For the party has marked itself in the camp of beliefs that were largely derived from the communist system under Stalin–the Progressive Movement embracing it’s concepts. Thus, abortions on demand under Stalin was recognized as harmful to it’s populations within it’s borders and corrected.  But not in America which adopted it and I commented on it in an earlier article by the Kindred Spirit.  Even Stalin came to recognize the evilness of it’s concept. No; I refuse to call it by name because it deserves to be caste on the garbage pile of history.  Even today there goes on a battle about health care of women for which exists appropriate help for females outside the socialist agenda. It boils down to valid arguments which seem to fester hateful arguments from both sides.  The sad thing is that politicians have used it to their advantage which often rests with the local and state governments.  But this does nothing but tosses the ball in the opponent’s court, leaving the wounds to ever fester.  And that is so true of governmental history.  And finally as a last straw, American voters realized the crookedness of years of democratic controlled cities and states dominated by one party and the liberal system set up called labor unions who worried more about control than honest government and fixing years of city decay amid empty promises.  Simply put: American voters wanted action and change of poor leadership across the board.

Finally I have to comment on the mess created by left-wing, right-wing, and agitators seen in both quarters.  Somehow we have characterized the history as transitory of our founding fathers from the slavery of our earliest days to that of economic infighting prior and into the Civil War.  People have to realize that America was not really thought of as a country so much as a band of states and states’ interests.  Basically we were nationally prone to a type of isolationism.  Arguments that spurred the Civil War was not directly about slavery although it was a very popular subject from the days our nation was founded.  It was perhaps a catalyst that spurred the South who depended on the movement of goods along rivers and ports and hot cotton fields where whites likely were unable to function in the hot fields as pickers of cotton.  The north controlled the economic mainstream of commerce.  There became a fundamental and inability for government to solve the issues of rural versus manufacturing entities.  The two clashed based entirely on states’ rights and needs.  Consequently as the states in the South withdrew from the nation which it had every right to do, and Southerners who had been West Point military officer and candidates had to choose sides and most turned to their homeland South as volunteers.  The Southern man and woman have always been very proud so it was natural for them to side with Southern interests.

One of the politicians noted recently that General Lee was a traitor.  Not so.  The fact is that he was offered the northern command but he elected to return to his loved South and was duly named as commander of all Southern forces.  He was joined by many of his Southern fellow officers, all of whom were quality warriors. They did not consider themselves as traitors but rather defenders of what they saw as a just cause.  The fact is that most on both sides thought the war would be short lived and certainly not as bloody as it materialized.

Thus, I now turn to history.  Perhaps the biggest argument for justification of finding many statues devoted to Southern officers was the battlefield history and or one who played a key role in battles fought in those locations often gotten through bravery in battle regardless the result.  You have to remember that these statues represented heroism of both sides as all combatants were considered American patriots just representing locals and states.  Who, of northern officers, would attract the Southerner to visit landmarks or really care about any but the Southern forces in most cases.  Go South and you find the South is still fighting the war between the states.  Many really do not like the North all that much because of the memories of that awful time of death and destruction reaped on the South by carpetbaggers, etc.

And what is the leftist philosophy going to attack next?  Our other founding fathers like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, our forty-three other Presidents who I am sure have human flaws like all of the human race.  Are we to give these ignorant souls a voice to destroy the fabric of our Nation??  Apparently my next paragraph spells it out.

Am I proud of Americans who flaunt Donald Trump’s effort to build bridges among factions?  Not me you louses of CEOs who chime together in a state of indignation because you don’t know history and you care only about the bottom line and not what is right and just.  Most of these agitators do not even know much about what the damn fighting and war was even about!!  You can  thank the American education system for that.  And the dame who destroyed the statue in the park seen on TV was not even an American but some foreign intruder as I heard about on the TV.  Toss the noncitizen in jail for a long term and then kick her out of the country.  For those CEOs, I have no respect for any.

The real purpose of this democratic-republican led team was meant to destroy or block the efforts of the Trump Administration to further meet the needs of government.  These  politicians have no idea what to do and their stupidity in both camps found President Trump in a state of confusion because the Republicans spent 8-long years kicking the ball as do all politicians with promises of a fix of our bloated health care system.  And the democrats are enemies of America.  They prove that with their behavior.  Horrific!!!!

You see folks where I stand.  I do not condone dishonesty in any form; do you? If you do, then please don’t read my writings.  I hate the thought of you blowing a fuse.  I can’t stand more than one explosion at a time.  And I can’t stand ignorance as an excuse for a look at history in all it’s judgment calls in problem solving.  Let freedom ring loud and clear forever on the waves to our shores.





5 Responses to “The Amateur Eye – What Defines Leadership”

  1. Jennifer Kohlmetz Says:

    Live this! Well said!

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