The Amateur Eye – Let Freedom Ring

The Progressive Movement one might say is a classic example of HOW TO DESTROY AMERICAN THOUGHT.  What is American thought?  You have to return to the Founding Fathers and their varied views about current events of that time.  It would be wrong to even suggest that there was general agreement on the issues of the day from what I see in the halls of debate.

Where did these men come down on such discussions about slavery, taxation, the British sense of English colonial rights of representation in British Parliament? And what about the boarding of troops in colonial homes?

Well, we learned a lot and then again did we?  Regarding slavery which was a world-wide practice tolerated in the colonies, just where did our Founding Fathers who framed the Constitution and governmental beliefs of signees stand?  History says it was debated among the body both pro and con of allowing slavery to exist.  There were good slave owners and bad ones to be sure.  But compromise, that often looked upon as a necessary evil of government in order for laws to be enacted was to become a Pandora’s Box so-to-speak.  Time will remedy all things unclean in our body politic.  Really?

Well–fast forward to today.  Our history shows that slavery was outlawed eventually even though there are forms of slavery that exists in the dark world of criminal behavior of various kinds.  It still exists legally in some foreign lands.  We saw the integration of our schools and military and our own civil war that led to the creation of a nationalist view with political debates within territories and states’ rights and western development of a rich historical story that became a fabric of our national heritage.  It was just one element that created the American character that for over a century was built on freedom to practice of a strong cemented religious belief structure that embraced tolerance if not total acceptance.  What happened?

A progressive movement initiated by Woodrow Wilson and championed by the liberal establishment many years since came to challenge the fundamental beliefs of conservative thought.  Liberals could not win the debate with conservatives so it became a war of half-truths and outright distortion of our history.  It became an assault on our education with liberal rewriting of American history slanted ever more toward the progressive standard.  There was no longer something to debate.  As far as liberals were concerned, conservative thought was poison to their ideology.

What has come out of all this is a sense of hatred of thought, of those who differ in any respect, an acceptance of long held religious beliefs within Biblical teachings being attacked as bigotry and intolerance.  There is no place in the modern world for Bible teaching, priests, ministers, chaplains.  Sin has become a taboo word as has the devil, Satan and his fallen angels.  Today the modern man and woman and child find direction based only upon what feels good.  Hence, there is no God, no Son, no sin…don’t you know it is just a fallacy that wise men and teachers today have freed the world from itself??? That Church has become nothing more than a place for entertainment, parties, communal  get-to-gathers to enjoy brotherhood.  Of course that is what progressive liberals want you to believe.

I say believe in our Lord, Jesus to come again, evil to be exposed and destroyed.  Faith is the bulwark of living water.  Remember this:  we all have a soul that needs nourishing for truth and God’s blessing.  And that starts with prayer.  Jesus taught us all to and how to pray.  It is in your Bible.  God bless freedom and seek wisdom that starts with Biblical teachings and lessons.


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