The Amateur Eye – Liberals Are Phony

Much has been written on the movement called “Black Lives Matter”.

There is no point to merely report on what is print without posing this observation based entirely upon FACT.  This area is often greased over where the commentary hence is fraud.  Yet, time and again, errors whether they be intentional or not, give the reader misinformation and dribbled out as fact.  A case in point is the police shooting of Michael Brown, a known neighborhood bully who projected it when he attacked the store owner who accused him of shoplifting cigars.  The liberal slant on all this is to simply say: so what???!  This episode eventually led to a shooting and death of Michael Brown.  I reported on this when the news was fresh.

This really gave birth to the “Black Lives Matter Movement.  The above event was labeled intentionally by the liberal media and carried perhaps world-wide as a sign of police overreach and featured as a prime example of police brutality which the liberal press once again exaggerated with the statement that “racist police officers are the greatest threat facing young black men today.”  (This, by the way, is exactly how the communist party socialist brand of fanning the flames of discontent operated in the 1930s-40s in America.)  To put it point blank:  the liberals learned from the socialist communism and Nazis parties just how to create confusion and misinformation in our own era.  And as I have warned, they infiltrated the college campuses and total education system of America.

Do I give the wrong impression of what liberal behavior has become in America? Liberals from the very beginning sought fancy slogans that suggested the wonder values seen coming out of the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT.  The agenda often reflects socialist or communist ideologies and the term “progressive” has come to mean improvement over the old.  Again, we need only look at President Wilson and other presidents after him to see how the Congress of the United States has swallowed the whole of socialized baloney.  Most certainly the bureaucrats embrace it.  And anyone who runs contrary to all this is cast as undesirable to serve in government.




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