Don’s Tidbits On Life and Humor

“Look on the bright side!”  is like saying –what exactly?!  There are twenty-four hours in a day and realistically speaking, one can say that it is visibly seen as light and darkness where the time clock is measured in part with location.  For what distance shows us is that the map of life runs parallel with the whole cycle of our existence and positive outlook.

Take the Bible for example as representative of a challenge.  It was for a different time some say but it is a history of mankind and human and religious structure of belief.  It reflects the thought that we in all honesty can envision that “Look on the bright side.” …seeing a spirit that governs thought and the human mind.  We have the Bible and on the other hand, we have everything else.  But what questions can our wisdom, such as it is, behold?  The writers of the Bible addressed the very nature of the fundamentals of life.  It also points out some attempt to raise and answer questions to where we came from,  where are we headed, our survival, our personal relationship with the Holy Father in Heaven.  These issue questions were given through stories, sermons, songs, poems, and visions.  But the ultimate redemption of evil and sin is God so loved the world that he brought forth his only Son to bear the sins of the world upon himself.  What greater love is shown than to lay down one’s life for his flock?  It is seen time and again as witness of brave souls throughout history.  Jesus made the sacrifice, not for man or woman or idea but for the whole spirit of the human race —The way to eternal salvation.  And a direct line exists with God through prayer!!

Garfield studies the aimless and puzzling look on Jon’s face and hearing Jon’s sigh with “I need to become the man that Liz deserves…Garfield thinks (Technically speaking, that would be another man.)

Blondie and Dagwood are relaxing in their living room and Blondie reading the newspaper says: “Amazon may soon be delivering orders in 30 minutes or less using drones!”  Dagwood replies, “I know…I read that, too.  Wouldn’t that be amazing if someone discovered a way to deliver pizza?”

The Office Staff: “If you need me, I will be at my desk pretending to work.”  Secretary responds..  “How long do you think you can get away with that?”  which brought the response, “I wondered that same thing for the first fifteen years or so, ago!”

Shoe: A traveler stops for gas. “I had a devil of a time getting here!”  The attendant says, “What route did you come on?” The driver says, “Route 666.”


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