The Amateur Eye – Political Duds

What do you call politicians who live on multi-million dollar landscapes and personal residence of great wealth so they can avoid living within poor neighborhoods and with the so-called “TRASH”–those very souls they purport to hold their interests?!

Dad and Mom always taught us that the character worth of neighbors did not depend upon how wealthy they were but rather on the goodness and dependability, earnest effort and work.  Mom would  send me out to clean and rake the yard especially next to the sidewalk, sweeping up the odd ends like cigarette butts, candy wrappers, etc. that landed on our property.  We had pride in our home and street we lived on.  We kept it that way!

Today, when I saw Maxine Waters waving her arms and bitching about this and that that degraded the spirit of America and her so-called pledge to defend American ideals, it came to near throwing up my breakfast.  Such ignorance can’t be forgiven after what she was able to accomplish through the voting box.  QUEEN WATERS!!!!! Dumb and double-dumb!!  An ignorant soul.  What other description is there???

When are Americans going to tell the leftists to go live in Russia or China or Cuba where they can enjoy the life of communism and socialism to the full.  Just leave we Americans alone to practice our livelihoods, our education, improving our existence free of intolerance and bigotry.  GET THE NEXT BOAT OUT IF YOU WANT.  But don’t expect we Americans to pay for your tickets or ever welcome you back to reap the rewards of what it means to be American in spirit.

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