Don’s Happy Cheers Comics

It is sometimes best to avoid conflict today.  Don’t assume that your honest feelings, thoughts and drives will automatically cause a problem.  While you consider such a thought that it best to avoid conflicts of any kind, remember that you have good grounds to stand on in any debate or sharing concern.

The benefits of having a hobby or two often climaxes when someone has to lay down the law.  Only those who have worked hard will ever really see the benefits of having dues paid up-to-date.

Blondie and Dagwood meet the mail incoming.  Whoa!  That is your new scooter bike? Ain’t it a beaut!!  Impressive!  Got to get going… ROLLIN ON, ROLLIN ON–KEEPS THOSE MAIL BAGS FLOWIN!! HONK-HONK!

Hagar is in one of his restless moods for adventure.  I feel restless, Helga; I got to go on a RAID! You do that, dear –but not in my kitchen!

Beetle Bailey  soon discovers that it’s not smart to sit in a barbershop chair with a barber who doesn’t share like moods when it comes to arguments about teams the barber favors.  Thankfully the one in the chair at the time was buddie KILLER.

A family Circus sees mom fixing jelly sandwiches for her two pests. I know bees make honey says the older.  But what kind of bugs make jelly?


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