The Amateur Eye – Right or Wrong

Years ago life was so much more simple.  Take for example my heading “Right or Wrong.”  The picture for both was clearly defined.  What about today?  Life is no bowl of cherries.  We see the communist leftist now coming to the front due largely to the left-wing Democrat Party where for several decades, our education system has been undermined by socialist experimentation and where the socialist propaganda has invaded literature, classroom discussion and where the old communist system of shutting down the free exchange of ideas and student thought by threats is finding a place in our American system noted as TOLERANCE,   It is just another expression used by the leftist philosophy against American values.

The Obama presidency had 8 long years to screw America and turn it ever more toward communism.  Earlier articles I described what now is starting to appear on our TV screens about the communist threat which has come to light under the dictatorship of V. Putin.  In reality it has never been different from the days of Stalin and those who followed.  The whole theory of willingness to take two or three steps backwards, to gain three or four steps forward to win the minds of the masses has always been behind the goals of communists wherever that socialist thought had birth.  Unfortunately, under Obama we have witnessed this in all American lands.  Obama was a total failure.  His whole philosophy was to believe that America was evil and had to be punished for its long perceived excesses.


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