Don’s Comic Review

Self-confidence is vital to a lead and then to the win in life.  Planning ahead and practicing it will head you in the direction of success.  People can be pretty shallow.  That is the sad truth we sometimes experience.  While you, yourself could use some appreciation and acknowledgement, chances are you will be judged on how you make others feel about themselves.  You must show toughness and extract the good coming out of criticism.  Be tolerant while exhibiting boldness.

The restaurant we have always eaten at finds a new owner team staff.  When I asked what happened to create such a sudden change, the head chef simply said: “He no longer here; he go away.

Dilbert, as usual, gets uptight with the boss’ latest assignment.  “Why didn’t you ask for this weeks ago when it would have proven easy?”  “This is nothing!  Wait to you get my feature request next month!”

Beetle Bailey and Sarge along with the general’s golf bag make a practiced parachute drop.  “Where are we landing, Sarge?  “As far as I can guess, we need to aim for the green coming up so that is what we have to shoot for.”

Garfield is watching two mice consuming a huge cheese. He thinks:  “Two cheese snobs.”  They ignore Garfield intent on conversing about the cheese. “Slightly pungent with a hint of nuttiness.  Earthy like walking through a meadow after a Spring rain. Aristocratic yet humble. Indubitably!”

Pickles finds the two in usual turmoil.  Sniff, sniff–I smell something.  Oh, you always smell something!  For Pete’s sake, can’t a guy wear a splash of Old Spice without getting sniffed at?!


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